Literature / Fiction

As translation of literature requires native speakers, I’m offering them only from English or Spanish to German.
I translate mainly fiction (novels, essays, short stories), but also narrative reports or comments.


To translate novels is particularly difficult. It’s the translation area with most demand of creativity. The translator doesn’t simply have to transmit the contents into another language, but has to create a new history in the target language. Translators of novels idealistically are writers themselves. Some famous writers such as Mario Vargas Llosa or Octavio Paz, apart from writing famous novels, translated those of other writers.

At the same time, the translator has to submit completely to the inicial act, which requires excellent linguistic knowledge, a feeling of balance, and, above all, great devotion.

I have always been a passionate reader and have been writing histories since being a child of ten. Raising my kids, there hasn’t been much time to sit down and write, but they are growing older, so actually I started writing my first novel.

When I translate fiction, I try to sink completely in the story to be able to feel the writers message.